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AIM accredited and non-accredited eLearning courses

eLearning courses

Capital Tutorials provides a range of accredited and non-accredited eLearning courses. Full details can be found on www.Capital or follow the links on the components listed below.

All course are designed with the following in mind:

  • Immediate feedback and results - unit tests and mock exams
  • ‘Bite-sized’ units of 20-30 minutes
  • Easy navigation and attractive graphics
  • Extension activities via links and videos

Accredited courses

These courses have been specifically designed for AIM approved centres and support the delivery of AIM qualifications.



Customer Service Skills  Employability Skills (AIMVOC)
CV Writing  Employablity Skills
Environmental Sustainability  Personal & Social Development
Employment Skills  Employability Skills (AIMVOC)
Equality and Diversity  Employability Skills (AIMVOC)
Employment Rights, Contracts and Pay  Employability Skills (AIMVOC)
Food Safety in Catering  L2 Award in Food Safety in Catering
Healthy Lifestyle; The Essentials  AIMVOC
Healthy Living  Personal and Social Development
Health and Safety  L2 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace
Health and Safety in Construction  L1 Award in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment
Internet Safety for IT Users  Employability Skills (AIMVOC) Personal and Social Development

Introduction to Catering and Hospitality Industries

 Employability Skills (AIMVOC)
Introduction to Construction and Building Industries  Employability Skills (AIMVOC)
Introduction to Environmental and Sustainability  AIMVOC
Introduction to Transport and Logistics Industries  Employability Skills (AIMVOC)
Job Seeking Skills  Employability Skills (AIMVOC)
Managing Personal Finances  Personal and Social Development
Mental Health and Well-Being; Fundamentals  AIMVOC
Principles of Building, Construction, Information
and Communications
Roles and Responsibilities of the Care Worker  AIMVOC
Understanding How to Be Successful  Employability Skills
Understanding Pensions  Employability Skills (AIMVOC)
Working in Construction and Building  AIMVOC


















Free study skills courses for AIM centres

There are a range of free support materials for AIM Access to HE centres to improve engagement and enhance the student learning journey.

 Topics cover:

  • Research and Referencing
  • IT for Academic Study
  • Producing a Written Assignment
  • Progression Skills
  • Preparing for a Controlled Assessment
  • Presentation Skills

Included in the package are a number of formative assessment tools to check learning and understanding. This includes multiple choice questions, drag and drops, embedded videos and more. Tutors can log in and check a student’s progress and gauge their understanding.

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Free non-accredited courses for all

Capital Tutorials also has a number of courses that are available free to any centre (not just AIM approved centres). These courses are shown below and are non-accredited.

20 Free Tutorial Resources
COVID-19 - Impact on Work & Health
Emotional Resilience
Universal Credit





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