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Why eLearning works

Image of lady at computerAt a time when learning is continually changing, teaching practitioners need every tool at their disposal. One of the unique advantages of our eLearning packages is that they have a quicker delivery cycle time than traditional classroom-based instruction. In fact, research indicates that eLearning reduces learning time by at least 25 to 60 percent when compared to traditional classroom-based learning.

The flexibility of eLearning enables organisations to complete programmes more quickly and efficiently when compared to traditional classroom-based delivery.

Whether you’re looking for individual training or increasing the skills of a workforce, our eLearning courses make it quick to enhance your knowledge. From improving customer service to meeting legal compliance and regulations, our courses cover a broad range of subject areas and industries. Popular topics include food safety and hygiene, health and safety training, and vocational introductions. We also offer discounts on bulk purchase for corporate training programmes.

Many of our eLearning courses can be used for a blended learning approach for learners working towards an AIM qualification.

Capital Tutorials eLearning

Capital Tutorials eLearning solutions have been developed to meet the requirements of AIM centres.

These solutions are used by FE colleges, adult and community learning, offender learning and private training providers to improve learner experience, achievement and retention while making savings in human resources.

Learners work at their own pace through interactive ‘bite-sized’ modules and all activity and achievement are tracked on a learning management system (LMS) for Ofsted and management reporting.

As an on-demand offer, the solutions offer centres total flexibility in relation to cohort-size, mode of delivery and location of learners.

These user-friendly solutions, which meet all the standards of the qualifications to which they are mapped, are quickly and easily implemented.

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