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Acess to HE (AHE)

Updated 16/02/21

All Access to HE diplomas are required by QAA to be moderated. The moderation model we offer at AIM can be easily adapted to your delivery method whether this be at a college site or a distance learning provision. We provide a flexible approach which is individualised to each centre and in some cases each diploma. We offer diploma or subject based moderation which allows us to deliver the most effective and beneficial moderation process for you and your team. Diploma moderation allows us to review samples across the whole diploma from a variety of subjects, whereas subject moderation allows us the review the delivery of a subject across a whole provision. All our moderators are subject specialists and have experience within Access to HE. They have a variety of experience with some working in HE and others working within our centres. They offer a supportive approach to moderation which allows the sharing of good practice and development of Access to HE provision across the Access Validating Agencies (AVA). 

Moderation takes place across three different visits. The initial interaction takes place during November and is completed by your Centre Lead. This will involve a meeting between the Centre Lead and Access Lead at your centre. The meeting is intended to ensure you have all the necessary quality assurance processes in place to successfully deliver Access to HE diplomas you have approval for. There will be discussions surrounding, internal verification, resources, and management of the course. No learner work or assessment is moderated at this point. A report is completed and sent to the centre. 


Please note: During COVID-19 restrictions, these are only completed remotely. Further updates on returning to face to face/physical visits will be provided as and when restrictions allow.


During January, you will receive communications from the moderation manager to arrange suitable dates for moderation. These will fall between February and early April for interim moderation and June to early July for final moderation. During these visits, a team of allocated moderators will review samples of learner work, internal moderation, and assessment briefs to ensure these are compliant and meet the standards of the Access to HE diplomas and QAA requirements. Once the samples have been reviewed, feedback will be provided to teaching staff and reports will follow shortly. This process is the same for both interim and final moderation. 

Once a successful final moderation has taken place, an awards board can be arranged. All RACs completed with learner’s grades must be uploaded 48 hours in advance of the awards board. The awards board is a formal meeting where a centre representative, moderation manager and a chair from within AIM, review and agree all grades awarded to learners. Once this is completed and agreed, the RACs are verified and sent for certification. 


Please note: During the current restrictions and for the academic year of 20/21, all moderation has been moved to a remote model. Please see an outline below of the adapted model. There are also additional information requirements during the extraordinary regulatory framework (ERF) which include grading data, adaptations tracking and supporting evidence.



All moderation activities are arranged through the moderation manager. If you have any queries or if you wish to arrange moderation please contact Sally Howard at