AIM Qualifications

Certificates are a record of achievement and should be kept in a safe place

Please read the 'FQA's Regarding Replacement Certificates' before applying for a replacement certificate.

Please ensure that any documents or correspondence you send to us are sent in a secure manner.

To apply for a replacement certificate please fill in a 'Replacement Certificate Centre Request Form'.
We cannot guarantee we can issue you with a replacement certificate, if the details do not match the information held on our database, we will confirm this in writing either by letter or email.

Historical information
Open College West Midlands prior to 2006 was also formerly known as:

  • Open College Network Central England – covered Coventry and surrounding areas
  • Open College Network North West Midlands – covered Stoke and surrounding areas
  • Open College Network West Midlands – covered Wolverhampton and surrounding areas.
  • In 1994 the West Midlands Access Federation formed which later became Open College Network West Midlands (covering the Wolverhampton area).

We cannot provide replacement certificates for learning that took place prior to the Open College Networks becoming computerised, which happened during the years 1997, 1998, 1999 in the different areas. We have limited information prior to this time and where we can provide results, a confirmation letter will be supplied, the same charge applies for this information.