AIM Qualifications


Q  How do I gain access to the portal?

A  Links to all AIM's portals (MIA, Quartz, XAMS, GradeTraka) can be found here
If you dont have a login or have fortgotten your loging details, please email

Q  How do I register my learners?

A  Learner registrations are submitted via the Quartz portal. Users need to ensure they are logged in as 'Administration Contact' before selecting 'Actions' and then 'Register your learners here'. Once on the 'Register your learners here' page, there is a statement at the top of the drop-downs which is 'E Registration Template - Click Here' This will then open an EXCEL spreadsheet for the centre to complete.

This spreadsheet needs to be completed and then saved on the centre's system. Once the spreadsheet is completed and saved, the drop-down can then be completed. In the first drop down the programme/course needs to be selected and then in the second drop down the qualification will need to be selected.

Once these two drop-downs have been completed the 'Continue' in the bottom right needs to be selected before the next page will open. On the next page, there will be a series of drop-downs that now need to be completed. These drop-downs include a start date and end date for the course, the site in which the course is being done at and also the Course Leader, Internal Verifier and External Verifier. Once all of these drop-downs have been completed it is time for the E Registration template to be uploaded.

At the bottom, there will be a 'Choose File' button. This is where the E Registration template needs to be selected from the centre's system. Once the centre has completed all of the drop-downs with the accurate information and has selected the correct file to upload they can then select 'submit'.

Once the centre has selected 'Submit' the registrations should go through on auto process or come through to us to process. Our Service standard for processing registrations is five working days.

Q  What is the time scale for receiving certificates?

A  Our service standards for certificates to be processed is 10 working days from the point of final verification.

Q  How do I order a replacement certificate?

A  Replacement certificates can be ordered by sending a completed certificate replacement form to

Q  Do we need to submit staff CVs for every qualification we apply for?

A  Yes, staff CVs must be submitted with every qualification application. This is because we no longer keep CVs on file to ensure GDPR compliance.

Q  How do I find my learners log in sheet for their online examination? 

A  You need to log into the XAMS website - The login sheets for the all online exams are located on the XAMS platform next to the schedule there is a key symbol, this is the learner log in details.

Q  Where abouts is our centre's run in the process?

A  If you have administrator access on the portal, you can go to administration and then administration, then ERAC status and you can see where the run is the line. If the run is awaiting processing, please allow 10 working days. If you are still unsure, please contact us on

Q  Who is my account team?

A Full contact details can be found on our Meet the team page

Q  How can I change my password?

A  Please contact our Customer Experience Team on 01332 341822 or email

Q  Can I get some training on the portal?

A  Webinar training is available on a regular basis. Details can be found on our training and events page

Q  How do I apply for a qualification?

A  You should apply through MIA. A video guide and link can be found here

Q  What courses do I have approval for?

A  This information can be found in MIA.

Q  Where do I sign up for EV roadshow?

A   During COVID-19 restrictions, we are only able to offer remote external verification activity. Previously, EV Roadshows were also available at a range of venues across the country and you could book to see an external verifier for a set time slot and have your learner evidence reviewed. Further updates on these will be provided as and when restrictions allow. 

To book your EV activity, please visit the EV activity page for our booking form and  more information.

Q  How do I add a course leader in the Portal? 

A  If the course leader, who is delivering the course, does not appear in the dropdown list (when you are registering your learners on the portal), tick the ‘Add Course Leader’ box. When this box is ticked, it is mandatory that you enter their details in the boxes. This will add the new course leader to your organisation, and they will be available in your 'Course Leader' menu for selection in the future. (Note that the ‘Course Leader’ drop down menu will be unavailable when the ‘New Course Leader’ box has been ticked, as the selection has been made in an alternative manner).

Q  How do we get e-certification? 

A  AIM now offers e-certification for some qualifications, where learner’s certificates of achievement 
can be downloaded directly from Quartz Portal.  
To download e-certificates: 
  • Click ‘Actions’, then ‘Your Runs’ 
  • Find the relevant run and select the Run ID 
  • Select the relevant learners for e-certification in the learner registration menu, using the tick boxes to the left 
  • Expand the e-certificate menu  
  • Enter and make note of encryption password of your choice. (This is not set by AIM) 
  • A ‘zip’ file will be created containing all the certificates you’ve requested (encrypted with the password you’ve chosen). NB: Your browser will prompt you to save the file. 
  • You can then print the certificate or send it electronically to the learner.

Q  How do I schedule for an online exam? 

A  Some AIM qualifications are assessed via an external online examination. The registration process is 
the same, however once the learners have been registered you must schedule the learners for the 
examination. This must be done or your learners will not have access to the exam. 
To schedule an online exam; 
  • Click ‘Actions’, then ‘Your Runs’ 
  • Find the relevant Run and select the Run ID 
  • Click ‘Results’, then ‘Assessment Scheduling’ 
  • Select the relevant unit from the dropdown menu 
  • Enter the Assessment Start and End date/time 
  • Select the check box ‘Show all Eligible Learners’, tick the learners who will be sitting the exam on this 
  • date 
  • Click ‘Submit’ 
You will now need to download your log in sheet for the examination. Your Customer Experience Adviser  
will provide you with credentials for the XAMS (external online examination) platform. Here you will be 
able to download your learner’s log in sheets, view the learner’s results once they have undertaken the 
examination and generate any reports. 

How do I enquire about a published qualification exam result?

The AIM Results Enquiry Service is available for centres who wish to enquire about published qualification assessment results, normally in cases where the results vary considerably from those expected.

An enquiry may be made on behalf of one or more than one learner and is a formal written request from the centre to AIM for a review of the assessment decision relating to qualifications. A copy of the guidance notes can be downloaded.