AIM Qualifications

Excisiting centre

Delivering a new qualification with AIM Qualifications and Assessment Group is a straightforward and supported process. There is a simple approval process to complete - see below for more details.

  • Simply complete a Qualification Approval Form (QAF) and submit it to us with the required evidence as instructed on the form.
  • Please complete the Qualification Approval Form - Construction (QAF-CON) for approval of any Construction Qualifications.

Please familiarise yourself with the associated qualification specification(s) to ensure that your centre can provide the evidence that demonstrates your organisation can meet the specified requirements. This includes requirements to teach, assess and internally quality assure the qualification.

More information can be obtained from our Qualification Approval Policy and Process and of course, please contact your Business Development Lead with any questions you may have.

Once you have gained approval to deliver a qualification, the next step is to create your new course(s) so that you can register your learners. Please refer to our Creating New Courses page for guidance on how to do this.

New centre

For organisations wanting to become an AIM Qualifications and Assessment Group approved Centre, simply complete and submit our Centre Recognition Application form. Our Becoming a Centre page provides guidance on how to do this.

Where we can, we will approve all qualifications required at the outset as part of our Centre Recognition process.

Additional/New Centre Staff Application

Please complete the Additional/New Centre Staff Application Form to inform us of any changes at your centre in regards to delivering, assessing and internally quality assuring the qualifications/courses that you have been approved to deliver at your centre. Please send the completed form(s) to