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Anglia Examinations are an English exam board and a global family of English exam centres and specialist language schools working together to help people from all walks of life achieve their dreams. Anglia Examination's English proficiency tests are trusted by education institutions and partners around the world. They offer English EFL exams at all levels including CITE exams for teachers of English as a foreign language. 

Anglia Examinations offers a comprehensive and structured 10-step programme of assessing English language competence, from beginner through to near-native speaker level. For the highest four levels, Anglia Examinations has partnered with AIM Qualifications to develop an exciting suite of ESOL International Qualifications.

The qualifications

Anglia Exams partner with AIM to offer Ofqual approved qualifications for the top four levels of our suite of general English (ESOL International) examinations:

Supporting materials

Our internationally acclaimed STEP TO books are specifically designed for students preparing for the Anglia English as a Second Language (ESOL) examinations. The ten books range in skill level from beginner to masters. Each STEP TO book has been specially researched and developed by professional ESOL experts.

Offering AIM ESOL qualifications

Training centres and colleges wishing to offer the highest four levels of Anglia ESOL Examinations must be an ‘AIM recognised centre’. AIM is responsible for the registration of candidates, verification and certification. For information about becoming an AIM centre see our webpage Join us.