End-point assessments for the creative and cultural industries

Event Assistant EPA

The Event Assistant EPA is the end-point assessment for this level 3 standard. An Event Assistant is an entry level position, typically working within a team of people in an events company or within the events department of a larger organisation. The role would usually provide support to a number of Event Planners or Project Managers by carrying out a diverse range of tasks necessary to plan, organise and deliver an event: for example, searching for the right location and venue for the event; working with the design team on the look and feel of the event; or organising logistics such as transportation and catering. The length of this apprenticeship is typically 18 months.

Gateway requirements

  • Level 2 English and Maths
  • Completion of a portfolio

Assessment Methods

  • Project: A 2000 - 5000 work- based project or practical case study carried out by the apprentice during the last 3 months of the apprenticeship and after the apprentice has met the Gateway criteria. The completed Project is signed off by the employer and marked by our assessor.
  • Portfolio of evidence contains evidence from real work activity by the apprentice that has been built up progressively through the apprenticeship. The intention is that it will complement the Project and enable the apprentice to demonstrate those areas of knowledge, skill and behaviours that may not have naturally occurred in their Project.
  • Professional discussion: A 45 minute discussion with our assessor and a representative from the apprentice's employer, that enables the apprentice to talk about their apprenticeship as a whole and their delivery of the Project.

Indicative duration of assessment

The three assessments will usually be completed within 16 weeks of gateway (subject to availability of facilities and assessor). The professional discussion will take place in the last three weeks of the 16 weeks.

More Information

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