End-point assessments for the creative and cultural industries

Game Programmer EPA

Level 7

A game programmer works within the games and interactive entertainment industries where programmers create software designed for entertainment. This includes various sized organisations which develop games for games consoles, desktop computers, mobile devices, websites and TVs. Game programmers are often employed by hardware developers (eg console manufacturers), middleware providers (eg game engine developers) as well as game studios, and would include specialists like server programmers in mobile game development companies.

The broad purpose of the occupation is to program reliable and efficient software within the constraints of real-time graphical environments running on contemporary gaming platforms. Such programmers lead the development of technical systems which feed directly or indirectly into the player experience of a game.

This is a core and options apprenticeship standard, which means that apprentices must complete the core, and one option out of Game Software Programmer or Game Technology Programmer.

Gateway requirements

  • Level 2 English and Mathematics 
  • a portfolio of evidence to underpin the professional discussion

Assessment Methods

The EPA for this standard includes:

  • Workplace project with presentation and questions: A project involves the apprentice completing a significant and defined piece of work that has a real business application and benefit. After this they must present a presentation to the assessor on the project and have the ability to answer any questions they may have.
  • Professional discussion: In a professional discussion, an independent assessor and apprentice have a formal two-way conversation. It gives the apprentice the opportunity to demonstrate their competency within the role by using their portfolio of work.

Indicative duration of assessment

Typical duration to gateway: 24 months
Typical EPA period: 6 months

More Information

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