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Direct Claims Status Monitoring (DCS)

Updated 16/02/21

Many of the AIM RQF qualifications are eligible for direct claims status (DCS) as an alternative to external verification. This means you can claim and certificate learners without needing to present the learner evidence to the external verifier to review and release for certification. Your external verifier will be able to guide you as to whether your qualification is eligible and what you need to evidence during your external verification activity to be eligible to be recommended for DCS. 

To be awarded DCS, you will be recommended by your external verifier during the external verification activity (this will be mentioned in your EV report) and you will be sent the application form to complete and return for approval. It is not automatically awarded.

As part of the direct claims package, you must facilitate regular monitoring of your activity and your last direct claims monitoring report will identify when the next monitoring is due. If you are new to direct claims, this is automatically set to within six months from approval. You will be contacted by the allocated external verifier directly in advance of the due date to arrange this by email. If you do not facilitate this within a reasonable timeframe, your direct claims status will be frozen and possibly removed. 

For any further details on direct claims status monitoring please email roadshowev@aim-group.org.uk.