Withdrawn qualifications


You will hopefully be aware that work is ongoing with our colleagues at OCNWM around the merging of our respective qualification portfolios. An initial outcome is that, where there is duplication (qualifications with the same title/content), only one version of the relevant qualification is offered to centres. As a result, the AIM qualifications below will have their current qualification numbers withdrawn, and new numbers applied (these are original OCN numbers, but the ‘AIM’ title is applied). The scheduling of these changes is aligned to the merger date of 01/09/2022.

Expiring qual number
New qual number
Expiring number date of withdrawal
New number start date
601/4240/6 603/2071/0

AIM Level 1 Award in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment



Q  What happens to a learner who is on a two year programme?

A  Learners on a year 1 of a 2 year OCN qualification who complete after 1 September 2022 will  receive their certificate as normal, however the certificate will now be titled: add new title _ Aim Qualifications.  Learners on current AIM qualifications are not affected.

Q  Will I need to submit a qualification application for  this qualification?

A  No. You will not need to re-apply for approval to offer this qualification as the previous approval decision still stands.

Q  If learners are registered on the withdrawn qualification, can they still complete this qualification?

A  Yes. If learners are registered on the withdrawn qualification on or before 31/08/2022, they can complete the qualification. Any leaners registered after 31/08/2022 will be on the retained version of the qualification.

Withdrawn Qualifications

Operational end date
Certification end date

AIM Qualifications Level 3 Award in Corporate Governance



AIM Qualifications Level 2 Award in Working as an Enforcement Agent

21/09/2022 21/09/2025